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Scaffold Health and Safety

Health First: Ensuring a Safe Working Environment in Construction

Health and safety work in construction is not just crucial; its paramount. A sector in which risks are high places the well-being of workers at the forefront.


Some of the indispensable measures and practices that keep our construction sites safe and sound.

Comprehensive Training for All Personnel
Our commitment to safety starts with education. Our staff receives ongoing training through a locally recognised training authority. This assists in keeping everyone current with health and safety subject matter. Keeping current with new legislation isn't just a necessity; it's part of the commitment to maintaining a safe work environment.

Key Certifications and Qualifications
The CISRS Scaffolder cards held by our employees are further supported by the required emergency first aid at work certification. With this, every site can see competent handling of medical emergencies, improving safety.

Compliance with Industry Standards
With respect to the erecting of scaffolds, we work strictly to TG20:13 guidelines. These recommendations form a basis for our safety standards and ensure that scaffolding structures are erected to be safe and sound. Further risks at our sites are reduced because our operatives take great care to adhere strictly to SG4:22 regulations.

Regular Health and Safety Updates
Some of the programs that are regularly offered to our employees include rolling training with new safety procedures and updates to legislation to ensure a continuous pursuit of safety performance excellence. Education of this nature ensures a safe and observant culture at all our job sites.

A Safe Work Environment Created
We prioritise health and safety to create a workplace where our people can work with confidence. Knowing they're working up to clearly defined standards of safety helps our people concentrate on the task in hand, unencumbered with concerns for their own wellbeing.

This is the reason why, in essence, health and safety form the core of our services within the construction industry. With some worthwhile training and acquisition of inevitable certificates, we make sure the work environment is as safe as possible under all circumstances to everyone around.


At Solent Scaffolding we:  


  • Check foundations are both firm and level

  • Allow time scheduling to avoid construction during busy times

  • Avoid power lines

  • British Standard Scaffold 

  • Fit Safety barriers at all levels

  • All ties and supports where necessary

  • Regular checks to the scaffold safe structure


Qualified to fit

  • Independent Scaffolds

  • Chimney Scaffolds

  • Temporary Roofs

  • Tower Scaffolds

  • Gantry’s

  • Lift shafts

  • Edge Protection

  • Safety netting

  • Marine Scaffolding

  • Commercial Scaffold

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