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Scaffold Health and Safety

Health and safety is one of the most important aspects of any type of scaffolding construction.

The employees, our team and the general public all place their lives in the hands of scaffolding, working on them or walking by them every day, a poorly designed or built scaffold can easily lead to falling objects, people and even entire buildings so it’s an environment that we really take seriously.


At Solent Scaffolding we:  


  • Check foundations are both firm and level

  • Allow time scheduling to avoid construction during busy times

  • Avoid power lines

  • British Standard Scaffold 

  • Fit Safety barriers at all levels

  • All ties and supports where necessary

  • Regular checks to the scaffold safe structure


Qualified to fit

  • Independent Scaffolds

  • Chimney Scaffolds

  • Temporary Roofs

  • Tower Scaffolds

  • Gantry’s

  • Lift shafts

  • Edge Protection

  • Safety netting

  • Marine Scaffolding

  • Commercial Scaffold

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